Inspired by the world’s most popular game, comes the world’s most popular tiles.

No longer do you have to suffer looking at
bathroom walls with no character.

No longer do you have to hear the words
Terracotta or Slate.

No longer do you have to accept just one colour.

Tetris Tiles puts the fun back into tiling.

Ideal for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms - any place that is worthy of colour and fun.

For years people have asked us to come up with a fun and colourful alternative to normal everyday tiles. So in 2007 we set about making Tetris Tiles and testing them in our friends homes. After a series of compliments and “where did you get those?” we knew that there was enough of a demand to get started. And so here we are.

With Tetris Tiles you can create your own talking point.

Your own patterns.

Your own feel good environment.


Tetris Tiles come in tons of colours, just pick your favourite ones!

We're able to match most Pantone-colour references.

NEWS! For a faster and more convenient way to get your Tetris Tiles started why not try our Tetris Mosaic? The Tetris Mosaics come in sheets with pre arranged patterns ready for tiling.

-The Tiles are multi functional-indoor or outdoor use.

-The Tiles look great on any wall.

-Pick up to 7 colours, one for each shape.

-Custom made in England.

-All orders come with an easy to install manual as
well as 500 x 3mm grout spacers.

Look out for more Tetris Tiles innovations coming soon.
Questions? Email us at [email protected] or simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

Prices vary depending on amount of tiles ordered, size, regular or mosaic, etc.

Tiles are made 'on demand' and delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

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